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Launch transport business in Uganda with Uber-like software

Launch transport business in Uganda with Uber-like software

At Onde, we power over 200 local startups and existing taxi companies to change the future of mobility. Join in.

How to start passenger transportation business & beat Uber?

Say, you’re eager to launch an app-based transport business — and consequently reshape the whole mobility industry in Uganda. Where to start?

To start a tech-driven transportation company, you, first of all, need these three components:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit plus a growth mindset
  • Functional booking apps for Android (the majority of Ugandans are Android users) and iOS
  • Reliable dispatch software and business management tech.

Be more than just Uber-like software with these features

What are the features you’ll have in your Uber-like software and applications? Based on feedback from our 200+ clients in more than 60 countries, we’ve developed all the features vital for a ride-hailing app.


Clear pricing your clients will love

One of the reasons people prefer app-based ride-hailing apps (Uber-like software) to traditional taxis is transparent pricing. Applications made by Onde feature clear trip cost estimations your customers will adore. Any additional fees or taxes, change in rates during rush hours? Clients will see it. Drivers will see it. No more conflicts about trip prices, ever.


Geolocation leaving no space for errors

Traditional taxis are known for driving roundabouts to increase the price of the trip. Uber-like software by Onde always chooses the optimal route, counting in traffic, costs, and many other factors.

Our unique geolocation services can always find the exact location where a passenger is. No more need for a driver to call passengers asking for details. This geolocation service works flawlessly from any device, even when the internet connection is weak.

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Multiple payment options for you to grow revenues

A smart way for an innovative transport business to attract more clients is to allow as many payment options as possible.

Using the Onde Uber-like software, you decide how the clients may pay. Cashless payments (by card and mobile) on the Onde system are powered and safeguarded by the most reliable payment gateways, like Stripe and Checkout. Cashless payments drop straight on the company’s bank account, creating an impressive turnover for your transport business.


Intelligent driver queue to keep drivers active

Most companies working with Uber-like software do hire drivers to work for trip commissions. You set the rules here — you can easily set driver working plans that are the most profitable for your company. The system will calculate and automatically extract the fares you’ve set from drivers’ accounts.

But how to keep your drivers highly motivated? Onde intelligent driver queue is here to help! A one-of-a-kind algorithm for driver engagement distributes orders fairly factoring distance to the pick-up point, wait times, and even driver rating.

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40+ service types to diversify and grow

Not ready to compete with Uber right away? No worries, you still can start a successful transportation company in Uganda! Try conquering the market with different service types — think of delivery, bike-sharing, zero-emissions transportation…

Onde Uber-like software allows you to introduce new service types at ease. There are more than 40 service types to choose from, and you can always request your own one — we’re always up for something new.

Dispatch software to bring you ahead of competition

Uber-like software by Onde is more than just pretty and dynamic booking apps. It comes with robust fleet management and dispatch software for you to automate all the transport business processes. Let’s see what’s in store.


Tailored to your transport business needs — Onde Dispatch software

Onde software is naturally perfect for handling orders coming in via the booking apps. But what if you want to work with phone orders, too? No problem!

The Operator app is a powerful software to allow your phone operators to work efficiently. It’s a handy and user-friendly dashboard for the operators to create orders manually, view drivers working in a real-live mode, search, and manage bookings in all the ways one can imagine.


Highest level of automation and more — My hub

Speaking of management — what if your Uber-like software would allow automating all the boring transport business processes such as fees calculation and collection? Meet My hub, the tool tailored to innovative ride-hailing businesses!

  • Manage drivers’ and operators’ access
  • Set up driver working plans
  • Manage and automate driver billing
  • Enjoy detailed reports on every bit of your transport business
  • Launch referral campaigns to acquire new customers at low costs
  • And more!
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24/7 technical support and account management

Our tech support managers will show you all the system’s ins and outs during the onboarding process. Any questions left? Visit our webinars and learn how to maximize your profits from working with Onde’s Uber-like software.

Our support specialists are there 24/7 for all your technical questions. Your personal account manager is there to help you with business development.

Launch your transport business in just weeks!

How to start a transportation business in Uganda, beat Uber, and be sure the software you get will be top-notch? Get white-label dispatch software and booking apps that have the features your clients will love — without any need to manage a team of developers.

Join Onde’s community of mobility entrepreneurs and run your transport business with a full-service software solution. Perfect for automation, perfect for growth. Try it.