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Driver apps to get the job done right

Onde powers 200+ entrepreneurs all over the world to challenge the mobility industry in their countries. Our clients vary from traditional companies automating their taxi business with our solution to ambitious startups willing to destroy Uber monopoly. They all profit from our all-in-one software including lovable taxi driver apps, customer apps, and powerful dispatcher software.

white label apps for ios and android

Driver and customer apps for Android and iOS

We develop a branded taxi driver and taxi booking apps for local taxi companies for both Google Play and App Store, test them and even optimize them to be easy to find in stores. We continually research and improve the usage of our apps by adding new features based on drivers’ and customers’ feedback. So we can guarantee that our apps are always user-friendly and easy to use.

taxi software

Taxi driver onboarding in clear steps

Taxi driver onboarding with Onde taxi driver apps is swift and natural. A potential driver just downloads the app and gets registered at a company at a few easy steps. After your company has approved this driver, they can start riding and making money!

Just like the whole solution, our driver apps work in the language you choose. Your drivers can work in their language. No more barrier for understanding the apps.

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Smart ride requests queue

Our solution features an intelligent algorithm for assigning ride requests to taxi drivers. The system distributes the incoming orders most efficiently, based on the distances, waiting times, and driver ratings. Onde intelligent queue keeps your drivers engaged and interested in making more rides without stress.


Rapid and precise geolocation

Extremely-precise geolocation technology integrated with Onde solution makes rides easier for drivers than ever before. The tech flawlessly determines the pick-up location, creates the most efficient route to get there, and the step-by-step navigation guides your cab drivers exactly where they need to be. No more unnecessary calling clients, no more need to switch to Google maps.


Cash and card payments

At Onde, we know how important it is to provide passengers with multiple payment possibilities. That’s why we’ve integrated various payment gateways — so that your drivers can always accept debit- and credit card payments by Visa, AMEX, MasterCard, Discover, or JBC. Plus, your cab drivers can accept cash and terminal payments as well. Cashless payments go directly to your company’s bank account. This creates a solid turnover to show to potential investors and business partners.

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Passenger ratings in your driver app

A possibility to contact a customer via a message or a call directly from the driver app is quite basic. So yes, we surely have it in Onde apps. Also, drivers using Onde driver apps can rate customers in their app — because we value the safety of your drivers above everything.

More than taxi driver apps

We also offer the Operator app and additional services!


Easy-to-use Operator app

The Onde Operator app is a favorite among traditional taxi companies, yet ride-hailing startups profit from it as well. Its intuitive interface and wide functionality let your operators work much more productively. All orders are collected in one dashboard. Sort them, search them, make lists, autocomplete addresses. Worldwide geocoding (only available in our taxi booking software) allows operators to follow drivers in real-time from any device — smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Branding, digital marketing, and more

Our biggest goal is to nourish sustainable business relations with ride-hailing entrepreneurs all around the globe. So we offer our clients to profit from our expertise in the industry. We provide supplementary services in branding, ads and app icons design, app store optimization, and even advertorial video production. We also hold educational events on the matters of marketing — everything for your company to become a market leader.

Taxi booking apps meeting all your business needs

Thousands of clients are waiting to download your app. Thousands of drivers are eager to ride for your company. Onde software gives you the power to change your local transportation market. Are you ready for the ride?