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Get a complex solution to automate your taxi business with My hub, Driver and Customer Apps. Taxi dispatch software by Onde will send your business to the next level and bring technology magic for growth and success.

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 Automate taxi dispatch business of all sizes

Onde brings the power of mobility to your taxi business with a comprehensive dispatch management solution. Whether you start with a new taxi company or modernize your existing taxi business, Onde is here to help with the back side. From getting orders to managing payments — that’s what our ride-hailing platform do.

Complex fleet management system

Onde taxi Operator app is available on any device. Your operators can manage real-time orders from computers, smartphones (mobile application for Android and iOS), and tablets. You do not need any special software — just internet access.

 Flawless estimates

With the help of accurate geocoding, the Onde fleet management system will never miss the finest route and exact place of pick-up or drop-off. All the rides are fair and convenient for customers.

Drivers management

Onde Operator app is a powerful solution for monitoring, analyzing and managing drivers' work: employment status and even rates. Orders are listed and sorted by relevance in one dashboard and go straight to drivers.

Address management

Taxi business is all about speed. Effective Operator app provides time-saving features like phone and passenger contacts auto-filling. No need to write it again and again — the app will do it for them

Set your own rates

Onde taxi Operator app offers operators to manage and set up rates depending on the situation: per kilometer, day or night and many other options. Use different rates for different service types and change them whenever you want.


Safety is our priority. We do care about both your customers and your drivers. That is why Onde taxi Operator app tracks all the routes of the rides and also has a “SOS” that can be used in Driver’s and Customer’s apps.

Full guidance

Creating orders is not enough, right? Your operator will have an opportunity to change, replace and manage orders on the whole way of the real-time trip. Get all the rides you have under full control in the effective taxi Operator app.

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All-in-one platform focused on your brand

Be ahead of the game with Onde apps. Either you develop your existing taxi business or want to start from scratch, we're here to give you a powerful ride-hailing tool to achieve your goals.

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