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Taxi app development

Bring your business to the next level with the Onde app developers. We offer taxi app development solutions for business automation. The key features are cloud-based taxi Operator app, driver app, and customer taxi booking app for iOS/Android smartphones. We work with multiple payment gateways, provide marketing support, and have many extra features you’ll love.

No more application development pains

Our high-end white-label solution can empower any taxi service, from a traditional taxi company to a daring mobility startup. No more need to look for app developers who’d understand the needs of a taxi business. Onde taxi system has it all. Scroll and learn more!


 Swift online cab booking. Always

Intuitive design of our Customer apps makes it a pleasure to order a taxi with it. All taxi booking apps created by Onde work flawlessly on both iOS and Android devices.

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More payment options than anyone else has

You can choose which payment methods your service will use. In-app payments by credit card, cash, a terminal in drivers’ cars or third-party services. White label taxi solution by Onde allows payments by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JBC, and AMEX cards. We only work with accredited and reliable payment gateway providers.


Pre-order availability

Have clients who love to plan? They’ll enjoy the pre-orders option in the Customer app. Let them book a cab days or weeks in advance. Push notifications will inform the customer when it’s time to take the trip. This is not even Uber-like, it’s better!

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Automated drivers billing

Let our software calculate drivers’ fees. Charge drivers automatically per period you set. Fare estimations of drivers’ fees are always flawless. Set up driver work plans and manage all the fees in one click.


Perfect geocoding

Onde taxi app solution works with a unique comprehensive geocoding service. Address search works like a swiss clock — pick-up locations and drop-off points are always accurate and make user experience joyful.


 Flawless ride requests management

White-label taxi dispatch makes drivers administration easy and effective. Operators can control orders in real-time from any device. This means quicker and more efficient work for the operators, and drivers staying engaged all the time. 😇

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Safety is our top priority. We do care about both your customers and your drivers. That is why the Onde white label taxi app provides real-time tracking of all drivers routes and also has an “SOS” that can be used in Driver and Customer apps.


Advanced support

During the whole process of taxi service launching, all clients get real-time guidance and support. An account manager will take care of that. Need assistance with marketing campaigns to attract customers? Let us manage it with the “Premium” plan.

Into some extra help during the onboarding? Choose the “All included” plan and get a personal manager taking you about the demo and all the system ins and outs.

Any questions? Grab some answers!

  • What’s included in taxi booking app development?

    All our plans include branded taxi mobile apps for drivers and passengers. You also get an individual account with Onde platform, reliable dispatch software, 24/7 technical support, and even marketing advice! All you need to start a business.
  • How to manage payments with Onde taxi app solution?

    All the payment options you can use for your passengers can be set up in My hub of your account. You can set the rates, and rule the drivers’ charges. All the payments from trips go directly to your merchant or bank account.
  • What is taxi app development process?

    At first, we create Android and iOS mobile apps for drivers and customers. These apps match your taxi service branding guidelines. (If you don't have any, we can also help you with that. 🤓) We make and test mobile applications, app store optimize them, and release it to Google Play and App Store. From that moment on, you get powerful My hub and Operator app, connected to Google maps. It’s time to earn money! To help you with that, we offer marketing support for you to attract drivers, passengers and become #1 app in App Stores.

All-in-one taxi app development solution

Be ahead of the game with Onde ride-sharing software. Automating processes in an established traditional taxi company or starting an Uber clone app from scratch, you can profit from our powerful ride-hailing tool. And get right to the top of the market. 🚀