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Not sure how to start your own taxi business?

Start with Onde

Top ride-hailing mobile app

Onde is your technology partner in the world of the ride-hailing and taxi business

Whether you’re starting a local ride-hailing company or dreaming of becoming the next Uber taxi business, Onde is the ultimate platform for achieving your goals.

At Onde, we focus on stability, security, and growth. At the moment, we handle more than 9,000,000 orders per month, and there’s no upper limit. All your data is safe as Onde is PCI DSS compliant. We also work with 3DS checks to protect you from fraud.

The technical side of your taxi business isn’t all we have to offer you. At Onde, we treat businesses like partners. We help you grow by providing business guidance and marketing services and supporting you at every stage of the business life cycle.

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All-in-one platform for your taxi business

Onde is an all-in-one platform system that consists of four components: Driver app, Passenger app, Operator app, and My Hub. They are all you need to become the next Uber taxi business.

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My Hub

My Hub is the mastermind of the Onde system. It’s the brain of the platform that helps you manage your business easily and effectively. You can use My Hub to manage drivers and operators, set and change tariffs, control all the processes, and dive into your company’s analytics with the help of detailed and extensive reports.


Driver app

Driver app is the only thing your drivers need (well, apart from a car) to make money. It’s straightforward, user-friendly, and includes numerous features that make driving a gamified experience. The app helps drivers to register in the system, receive orders, check balances, and have an overall seamless working environment.


Customer app

Customer app is a simple and user-friendly app for your customers. It allows your customers to make orders in a few taps, save payment methods, rate drivers, share the link to the trip with others, and do so much more. The app’s modern and intuitive design has been praised by the users and is sure to be your competitive advantage.


Operator app

Operator app is for handling conventional clients who still prefer to order a taxi by phone. It helps you create orders made by phone and assign them manually within seconds. Operator app makes sure your company is inclusive and serves people who don’t like apps!

Still thinking how to start your own taxi business?

One free trial is worth a thousand words.