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Claim your taxi dispatch software and Uber clone apps

Claim your taxi dispatch software and Uber clone apps

Onde taxi dispatch software and booking apps power 200+ enterprises all over the world. We deliver an all-in-one taxi platform: white-label apps and an Operator app — everything you need to launch an Uber clone app.

For a ride-hailing business in Singapore, US$562.95 is an average revenue from 1 user per year. By 2023, there will be 2.4 million users in the market. Join the market and get your share.

Full-stack taxi app development at pleasant cost

How to start a transportation business? How to build an Uber clone app? How to promote your apps and get to the top of the market? At Onde, we provide you with cutting-edge software, and with elaborate answers to these questions.

Our taxi app developers know exactly what features you need, and our marketing team will assist you in communicating them to the users. Every stage of software development, like building the apps, testing it, optimizing and submitting it to the stores — we do taxi app development from start to success. Entrepreneurs in more than 60 countries have streamlined their business with Onde.

white label apps for ios and android

Mobile apps for ride-hailing

How to start a transportation business to become as successful as Uber? Launching a ride-hailing app is an obvious answer. Accordingly, functional mobile apps are a must.

With Onde, you get four handy and easy-to-use white-label apps: Android for Customer & Driver and iOS for Customer & Driver. White-label apps are extremely customizable — the apps will be branded in your company’s style, which fosters brand awareness.

Onde does the whole taxi app development, including testing and regularly releasing app updates. No more wasting your precious time communicating basic things to a team of inexperienced taxi app developers. Onde team knows exactly what you need.

Admin panels — manage anything from anywhere

Three highly-functional admin panels are there to make your ride-hailing business swift. All Onde admin panels are accessible from any type of device.


My hub for business operations

Daily company management becomes easy with My hub. In My hub, you can handle all the operations like (but not limited to😏):

  • Managing drivers’ accesses, fees, and work plans
  • Launching new service types
  • Setting billing rules for automated charges
  • Launching promotion campaigns

Plus, the company panel features rich analytical data on your business’s functioning: there are multiple types of reports and instant insights available in it.


Operator app for orders management

If you choose to work with phone orders as well as app booking, Onde taxi dispatch software will be of great help to your operators. The Operator app collects all the orders in a handy dashboard. Operators can view the orders in real-time, search and sort them. With Onde dispatch software, orders are easy to make and to find.

taxi software

Partner dispatch for growth

Partnerships with other businesses are a great way to expand your client base. Partner dispatch is a great solution for this. Give your business partners (think of hotels, airports, restaurants) special access to booking your services. They can create custom names and permanent booking locations — and book a cab for their clients in just one click.

Features for successful Uber-clone app


Variety of payment options

Ever since Uber, multiple payment options are a must for a ride-hailing app. Card payments are safe for both drivers and passengers, while all the card payments go right to the company’s bank account ensuring a solid turnover.

However, accepting cash and terminal payments is still an option if your company operates with Onde apps. We’ve integrated all the world’s most trustworthy payment gateways to make cashless payments possible, but you decide how to use it.


More service types, more clients

Scaling is important. Market giants like Gojek and Gett show that launching new service types is a perfect way to scale and grow your market share. Onde software offers 40+ service types, from delivery to ride-sharing. You can launch a new one in a couple of clicks in the company panel.


High system reliability

Onde software is used to work with extremely large amounts of orders. Thanks to a powerful system of solutions behind our tech, your taxi apps work safely and fast. No bit gets lost, ever, whatever load you feed the system. Check out the technologies we use.


Supreme geocoding

Onde system features a unique geocoding technology. It defines the locations of passengers and drivers precisely, creates the optimal route, and navigates drivers through it. No more worries about not being able to find a passenger, shady detours, traffic jams, or any other issue typical for traditional taxis.

More than just taxi app development

Onde powers more than 200 clients all over the world to change local transportation. We commit to providing more than just decent taxi app development. Here are some of our most exciting features beyond tech itself.

graph statistics diagram

Detailed analytics

View driver balances, transactions, and activities in real-time. Download and analyze order reports. Know your client base with user reports. Follow your business advancement with instant analytical data in the company panel. Use integrated Facebook analytics to launch successful digital marketing campaigns.

Top ride-hailing mobile app

Marketing assistance & app store optimization

Because good marketing is crucial for becoming a market leader, we offer our clients comprehensive marketing assistance based on our rich industry expertise. Developing a unique brand style, planning and launching ad campaigns, optimizing apps for stores search — these are just some of our marketing services.

Make more than Uber clone app. Make future

The ride-hailing market in Singapore is expected to grow tremendously in the next couple of years. Define the ways this market will be moving. Join Onde.