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Start taxi business in 7 steps

Despite the global pandemic and other unstable economic points, the ride-hailing industry has regained its prospects as passengers are used to the new normal.

So, it's high time to start your ride-hailing business! And if you address the demands of your clients, you can achieve local taxi business growth in a short span of time.

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Step 1: Research and analyze the taxi market

Running a new business starts with analyzing the local industry and looking for the existing possibilities. You need to shape a clear idea of the fundamental things in the ride-hailing industry to launch your taxi businessat the right time.

Just googling the industry isn't enough. Talks with the experts in the ride-hailing market. Schedule a call to talk with the Onde team and start working on a network of taxi startup entrepreneurs!

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Step 2: Find a niche for your taxi business idea

There is no ready-made idea for rocking the market. But it's better to think of a local-market taxi business rather than planing to launch a highly competitive worldwide taxi service, like Uber or Lyft.

Find your niche and think of improving your taxi business plan with exploratory transportation-related verticals, including food and grocery delivery. The more you think your business strategy through, the easier it will be to show the unique selling proposition of your transportation business.

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Step 3: Get finance for your taxi business startup

Starting a taxi company is not only about creative ideas. Attracting investments and calculating startup costs are vital for the success of your taxi startup strategy. It's time to think of the financing options available for your transportation business: investors, loans, or personal savings.

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Step 4: Make your taxi business a real brand

Naming and branding are essential for launching a successful transportation business. Do that before even the taxi app development stage. Your ride-hailing business name should be catchy to your clients! At this step, also think of your business advertising and social media promotion.

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Step 5: Digitize your business

You always need to be in touch with your customers. With the help of the latest technologies, create a digital taxi solution to help your customers book their rides in just one click.

In the current taxi industry situation, you need to provide both comfort and minimal physical contact rides. Build a digital solution to let customers book their rides in seconds and make zero-contact credit card payments from the passenger app. Risk-free and quick access to cab services for everyone in the world, check!

A mobile platform for ride-booking also allows business owners to monitor all business processes, from drivers' activity to clients' feedback. Save time and cut your costs by getting a trusted taxi dispatch system.

Ready to try a high-quality solution? Get a free trial of Onde taxi software.

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Step 6: Be precise following legislation

For running your own taxi business, following local legal regulations is a must. Rules differ greatly per country, so educating yourself on it is necessary.

Think of liability insurance for your taxi cab company. This insurance will protect your business needs in case of emergency or road accidents. Before starting your cab company, get all the essential licenses and legal documents.

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Step 7: Hire drivers and operators

It's crucial for the taxi cab business to have a team of highly qualified drivers. Recruiting a full-time team of experienced and skilled drivers is necessary for the success of your local business.

Inspect drivers' backgrounds and provide newly hired employees with some refresher training. Also, make sure they have all the necessary documents for being a taxi driver—like a commercial driver's license.

Done? Then it's time to recruit qualified dispatchers to manage your drivers and clients. They will provide pick-up and drop-off GPS locations, as well as time-saving routes. With technologically supreme dispatch software, their work will be even more efficient.

One of the last stages of the launch preparations is to integrate a safety checklist in your drivers' and passengers' taxi booking apps. With a white-label on-demand taxi solution by Onde, you can customize your ride-hailing app.

Got an idea of your own small business in transportation?

Start a taxi service with a customizable white-label ride-hailing solution!

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