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Onde Referral Program

One special project to get mutual benefits

Dedicated marketing manager for promotion ride-hailing taxi company

What should I do to take part in the Program? 🤔

No big thing. Just recommend Onde to a fellow-entrepreneur who wants to launch ride-hailing business.

1. You should be an Onde client with active My hub.

2. You get in touch with a person who is potentially interested in starting a taxi / ride-hailing business. Then, you introduce Onde to him/her and describe your experience with our platform

3. You send us contact details (name, email, phone number, country of residence) of this person

4. We get in touch with your referee

5. The referee buys any WL plan by Onde

6. You get any reward you choose

7. Everyone is happy 🎉

Onde gets a client — you get a reward! 🏆

One client for Onde — one reward for you.


Reward #1

$5,000 on your company account.

You can pay with these money for your Onde subscription or even spend a part for the Ride.Right.Now conference. 


OR Reward #2

$5,000 marketing campaign for your business.

We can start a campaign for new users acquasition or drivers hiring on different platforms. App Store Optimization is another option to spend your money.