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Choosing the wrong ride-hailing software provider can cost you time and money

Ultimately, it can cost you your business

Nico started his ride-hailing company 3 years ago

The platform he chose offered countless features, modern design, and generally had a cool vibe. However, Nico forgot to check for stability. The platform had regular downtimes, resulting in thousands and thousands of lost orders monthly. After two years of battling with Technical Support, Nico had to accept defeat and give up on the platform. 

This cost him $32,000.

Thomas chose a different platform provider

He checked for flexibility and stability, and in the beginning, the business was going well. In fact, it was going so well that the number of orders was growing day by day. This was when Thomas realized that the platform he chose was not scalable. It couldn’t handle a growing number of orders, and downtimes became a regular problem. At the same time, Thomas discovered the platform's hidden payments: as the number of trips increased, new tariffs appeared from the platform, which ate up the profit. In the end, Thomas failed to provide the service for the loyal customers, and they left for his competitors. 

Thomas wasted 4 years and lost $50,000.

Abdullah’s platform looked risky from the start

It had no upgrades and no technical support. However, the platform was cheap, and Abdullah decided he didn’t need upgrades and technical support this much. Very quickly, he was attacked by the fraudsters and his business was damaged. Soon after, his employees stole the information about drivers and passengers, cheated him out of his profit, and opened a competitor company. 

Abdullah is still struggling to keep the business running: he has already wasted 2.5 years and lost $15,000.

Onde is more than a technology provider. With years of experience, we have the expertise to be your partner in the world of taxi business. This is not just a form of speech - our success directly depends on yours.

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