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On-demand taxi management software to empower your business

Dreaming to become the best Uber-like on-demand app in your region? We’ve got the tools to get you there. Our all-in-one solution includes taxi Operator app, iOS / Android booking and driver apps, perfectly suitable for working with 40+ different service types, from delivery service to ambulance.


Delivery services

Always thought of broadening your market share and providing other services than a taxi? Try the delivery service type. Via the same booking app, your customers will be able to send and receive parcels. Uber can not do that! You can.


Taxi with special attitude

Want to let your clients order a limo or exceptional cars? No problem. Let them pick the cab that fits their ambitions. By the way, the land is not the limit. Impress your customers with outstanding views — include helicopter, yacht, or speed boat options to your taxi booking mobile app.

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Heavy local traffic makes your taxi booking business lose clients. Fix it with the “Jam-killers” booking option. When 4 wheels are not handy, allow your customers to book a pedicab or a moto with the same taxi booking app!


Emissions-free transport

Our newest option for taxi business. Always wanted to contribute to sustainable development? Switch on the eco-friendly service types. Works for any electric vehicles — from luxurious Tesla to economy class Nissan Leaf.


Calamity services

Want to enrich your taxi booking app with the possibility to order an ambulance, roadside assistance, or paratransit? This is possible. Simply switch on these service types — and get more clients.


Professional assistance and delivery services

Connect people who need professional assistance with those who can offer it at a fair price. From a locksmith to an insurance inspector. This is also a perfect app solution for delivery services. Isn’t this the true beginning of the on-demand era?


Ride-sharing made user-friendly for any device

Onde taxi booking service works with any device, iOS or Android. The white-label customer and driver apps are perfectly suitable for any on-demand service of your choice. We brand the apps to fit your company’s style. And the user-friendly, intuitive interfaces are an extra asset. 

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Flawless price estimation

An Uber-Eats-like delivery or roadside assistance, our real-time price estimation is always correct and clear. Your clients will love it. The operators can manage and set up rates depending on the situation: per kilometer, day or night and many other options. Use different rates for different service types and change them whenever you want.


Operator app for management

Onde Operator app is there for you to keep an eye on the work of your employees: their activities, rates, and payments are all stored in one place. All orders listed and sorted by relevance. Intelligent queue algorithm to assign orders.


Safety first

The safety of your clients and employees is our top priority. Onde taxi Operator app tracks all the routes and orders in real-time. There’s also an SOS-button in customer and driver apps.

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All-in-one uber clone solution focused on your brand

Our powerful on-demand taxi software suits both established taxi businesses and ambitious startups. The variety of available service types makes Onde software solution ideal for scaling up.