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Lesson 6.

Promoting referral programs

By now you’ve probably read our materials on promoting your brand in general. Promoting a separate referral program has a lot in common with it. Marketers from all over the world have already figured out what ways have more potential.

Keep scrolling to learn more!

SMS service

As SMS services are inbuilt in the OnDe platform, you can use it to tell your customers about a new referral campaign. It costs a few seconds to activate the service:

The advantage of the SMS-service is that one can use it both for letting new clients know about the referral, and for reminding the existing users about the ongoing referral to keep them engaged.

Your website

If your website attracts enough users on the daily basis, it can be used as a perfect promotion platform for referral programs. Placing the news on the homepage, or creating a lovely, actionable banner or a pop-up will motivate the loyal clients to refer your company to those who do not know it yet.

It is handy to place the announcement about a referral on the pages your clients are more likely to visit: those describing the product, sign-up pages, user accounts.

Important thing about every message shared online is that it has to be engaging, and not to pushy. Thus, place a call to action in the message, and do not forget to tell customers why they only win with referring you.

Social networks

In case your taxi company has a lot of followers on social media, don’t hesitate to tell them about the referral! Mentioning the program in a separate post is just the first step.

It is effective to mention referrals in the bios of the company on social media (think of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Some companies change their profile-picture to the one matching the referral program logo. All the social media also allow to create and promote ads — but this depends on the budget, of course.

Same as with your website, posts on social media have to be engaging, interesting, and catchy.

Working with influencers

Launching a word of mouth campaign via word of mouth channel? Well, why not?! People tend to rely on what other real people say. So: find an influencer (somebody popular in your location) and ask them to be your ambassador.

If, for some reason, working with celebrities and other types of opinion makers is not possible, turn to the happy clients. Ask them to spread the word about the services of your company.

Participate in local events

A concert, a conference, a charity action — those are perfect moments to launch a referral. First of all, people love to know your business has a social side. Next, such events attract a lot of visitors. Why not giving them a bonus and then ask to refer the service to someone they know?

Do not make the mistake a lot of young companies do: do not stop promoting your referral after the launch. And the new, loyal customers will come!

Good luck!