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Lesson 2.

How to start a ride-hailing company and get it to the top in the LATAM

In the second episode, we will discuss how to launch a successful business in Uruguay, become successful with John Taring.

John is an experienced entrepreneur with strong expertise in the ride-hailing domain. He is a founder of Easy Taxi and Uruguay Presente (now UP RIDE). 

When the taxi service was launched?

John was the first person to launch the transportation service in Uruguay. First, it was Easy Taxi because it was easy-to-implement. After it, John helped Uber to appear in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia. It is good to work for big companies, but it is more inspiring to create your own one. And you have to gain an experience to make your perfect. 

December 7, 2017, was the date when Uruguay Presente appear.

Why did John decide to go in for ride-hailing?

Family. John’s father was connected with the taxi business for his whole life, so choosing the branch to work in was not really the question. 

Even more, the taxi business in Uruguay needed to be changed — at the moment it was only a traditional taxi service. The order was taken by the phone and the taxi car could arrive not in 3 minutes (like we used to), but for 40 minutes. And after that, there was no 100% guarantee that it will even arrive!

Something new needed to be created.

What do you need to start and launch the ride-hailing business?

The first time you start a business — you have to be ready to be everything — give flyers on the streets, hire drivers, and even clean cars. You need a passion.

How to create a successful taxi business, avoid mafia and not get your office burned down, listen to the second episode and join us on the fascinating ride-hailing journey!