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Lesson 4.

Bonus: dos and don’ts of working with influencers

Okay, this course is as long as a summer night, and your time is precious. So we’re wrapping up. Here are the last pieces of advice on how to work with influencers to promote your app.

  • Do not plan the influencer campaign expenses before contacting the blogger you expect to work with. Normally, professional influencers have their own concepts of how create good content — and the exact pricing can be done only after brainstorming on the matter.
  • Do allow influencers use their unique style and concept. Provide blogger with a comfortable level of freedom. Concentrate on defining the core messaging of the campaign and setting the KPIs.
  • Be clear. Specify all the requirements, communicate your campaign goals, KPIs, expectations.
  • Do not oblige an influencer to tell only positive things about your company. Social media crowd reads and trusts influencers because of their fairness and “realness”, and flattery does not fit this pattern, it can only harm the brand image and that of an influencer.
  • Be ready to react. As soon as an influencer posts anything, and anyone comments on it, be ready to answer, assist, advice. Just as app reviews, social media feedback is really important to handle whether it is positive or negative.

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