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Write for us! Guidelines for Onde guest authors

Are you passionate about taxis, ride-hailing, and on-demand business? Then welcome to our blog!

Please have a look at the guidelines below:

Topics we’re interested in:

Our topics revolve around ride-hailing, ride-sharing, and on-demand businesses in general. Please look at the articles we already have to get an overall feeling of what kind of content you should strive for. If you have a specific topic in mind - email us and we’ll discuss its relevance.

Writing guidelines:

  • The article should be of your original creation, not published elsewhere before.
  • Preferred word count: more than 1000 words. However, we pay more attention to the quality of your content than to the metrics. If your article is actionable and detailed, don’t feel obliged to hit the word count.
  • Don’t include images - we have a blog style to keep up with! All images are made by our in-house designer.
  • You may link to your product or service in a relevant context.
  • Please include a brief bio about yourself so that we can add you as an author.
  • Please add links to your social media accounts so that we could credit you on social media!

What happens after we publish:

Once your post is published, we’ll send you the live link. Feel free to share the post on your social networks and promote it in any way you see fit!

P.S. Please keep in mind that we reserve our right not to publish a post if it doesn’t meet our standards of a high-quality article.