Fleet management software for ride-hailing

Fleet management software helps streamline all the operations a ride-hailing company deals with. From driver management, vehicle tracking and route optimization to enhancing the passenger and driver safety. Both traditional taxi companies and ambitious mobility startups profit from technically-supreme fleet management systems.

 Onde offers a fleet management solution tailored to ride-hailing companies.

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Technically supreme fleet management software

The primary reason for businesses to work with ride-hailing apps instead of establishing a traditional taxi is the level of automation. Get rid of the paperwork with a powerful cloud-based solution.

Onde fleet management system allows to make drivers and dispatchers administration more productively, to reduce risks, and avoid the inefficient operation of vehicles. The inbuilt powerful analytics are there for you to make business decisions based on data, attract more users, and deal with management matters in just a couple of clicks.

Flawless fleet operations management

Onde dispatching software for ride-hailing is perfect for orders and driver management. All the orders are collected in one handy dashboard. Sort them, follow them in real-time, view the vehicle locations. Stay connected — all the drivers' information is immediately within reach for the dispatcher. No magic, what we do is telematics.

Real-time reports on all operations

The Onde fleet management system gathers reports on orders, drivers, clients, operators, and payments — so that you can have all the vital information about your business right at hand. Using this data, business owners and fleet managers can make data-driven decisions and track operations without additional paperwork. An indispensable feature for working with large fleet sizes. No more room for errors. Endless opportunities to scale up.

Route optimization to cut fuel costs and carbon emissions

Precise and optimized route planning tool helps your passengers with the cost-saving, in the first place. However, there’s more to it. The route optimization feature of Onde system makes sure customers get the shortest and most fuel-efficient routes. This way, the paths are always advanced to be convenient, reduce fuel usage and, in the long term, the wear and tear of the vehicles. Which means a smaller carbon footprint for your company.

Passenger and driver safety

We value your passengers’ and drivers’ safety above all. Onde fleet management software does vehicle tracking in real-time. A possibility to leave in-app driver reviews helps you keep an eye on driver behavior. There is also an option to leave passenger reviews for drivers, which helps enhance driver safety. In Driver’s and Passenger’s apps, there’s an SOS button for emergency calls should any safety issues occur during the ride.

Fully-automated billing

Talking about driver commissions, Onde system allows calculating all fees automatically, for any fleet size. Set work plans for drivers — specify commissions per period, trip or number of trips. Let the system charge drivers automatically. Get all the payments directly to your company’s bank account and enjoy a solid turnover to show potential investors and business partners.

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All-in-one fleet management system for your company

Onde booking apps and fleet management software are there to revolutionize the ride-hailing industry and bring daring companies to the top of the market. Enjoy supreme fleet management tools, enhanced route planning, paperless driver management, and flawless dispatching software solution.

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