Courier delivery software

Courier delivery software

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Onde peer-to-peer delivery service software includes

Engaging Courier App

Engaging Courier App

  • Easy registration for couriers
  • Clear and detailed order description
  • Pleasant and engaging workflow to motivate your couriers work
  • Need to contact a customer? Why not? In-app contact options are there!
  • Multiple payment options — card, cash, terminal. You choose.

Customer App to make your clients happy

  • Real-time pickup and delivery tracking — customers see exactly where the order is
  • Intuitive design in your company’s brand colors
  • Different service types — let customers book all they need in one app
  • Strong safety measures
Customer App to make your clients happy
Operator app

Operator app

  • Manage every delivery in just a few clicks with Operator app delivery software
  • Keep an eye on the couriers in real-time
  • Check the orders listed by relevance in one dashboard
  • Enjoy the Onde system making the shortest pick-up and delivery routes

Functional My hub

  • Make data-driven decisions with powerful My hub — software tailored to delivery service
  • Manage couriers and operators, set the billing plans
  • Get reports 24/7 straight to your computer
  • Specify any special conditions, like the maximum weight of the package
Functional My hub

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