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Need to create a custom taxi booking application?

With our software, a daring startup can become the next market leader, and a traditional taxi company can automate fleet management and improve the efficiency of the workflow.

Creating an Uber-like taxi booking app can seem tricky

While there’s a lot of demand for Uber-like apps, not all mobile apps for online booking cars can make an entrance in this competitive market niche. At Onde, we offer businesses an integral solution for mobile app development.

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Perfect strusture for taxi booking app

The basic elements of a perfect taxi booking app are: user-friendly Customer app (iOS and Android), functional Driver app (iOS and Android), swift and efficient dispatch solution, handy fleet management panel. The software should be scalable to provide your business with the growth opportunities it deserves.

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Passenger app for on-demand taxi booking

At Onde, we know app development from scratch can be demanding. So we spare your time and money by providing our clients with iOS and Android taxi booking apps immediately available for use. The apps we create are customized to your business needs (check out our 40+ available service types), speak your language, and allow cu to pay by credit card, get push notifications when the driver arrives, rate the driver, leave a tip, and more. The apps are updated every month!

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Efficient Driver app

Onde Driver mobile applications (for both App Store and Google Play) include everything a driver needs to get the job done well. The intelligent queue algorithm keeps the drivers engaged. Precise geolocation ensures flawless routes. Drivers' billing is automated. The onboarding process is easy and hassle-free.

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Fleet and company management in one

Onde My hub for company management allows you to manage drivers and dispatchers, set rates and billing plans, remove or suspend drivers, and even follow their routes in real-time. My hub generates powerful analytics reports so you can make data-driven decisions on business development.

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Taxi booking web desk for your business partners

Together, businesses achieve more. Onde web desk solution is perfect for those who want to expand and collaborate with hotels, airports, shopping centers, or any other companies. Let your business partners create instant and pre-orders in just one click, use custom point-of-interest names, and choose the service types they need.


Smooth taxi booking app development

Taxi booking app development can be a headache if you work with an app development company trying to build an Uber-clone without realizing the actual needs of your business. Just “being like Uber” isn’t enough to become a successful ride-sharing business. Becoming a good ride-sharing company is about creating a strong brand. About providing riders and drivers with lovable mobile applications. About making data-driven decisions to work out a sustainable business model.

High-power technology stack for your taxi booking business

Our tech has it all. Don’t spend time explaining your business needs to inexperienced mobile app developers. Profit from Onde expertise in ride-hailing and get an all-in-one solution to grow your taxi business.