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  • Meet Onde Ride-Hailing Factory!

Meet Onde Ride-Hailing Factory!

Up for some good news? Here’s one great announcement for you! Meet Onde Ride-hailing Factory, an acceleration program for aspiring ride-hailing startups and entrepreneurs. 🤩

What’s Onde Ride-hailing Factory? It’s a free educational program where you get business mentorship, a possibility to test your MVP before business launch, learn from other entrepreneurs, and join Onde’s network of ride-hailing business founders and investors.

Do you want to launch a ride-hailing startup or already have a taxi company and want to innovate?

🗓 Apply before March 7, 2021

🤑 Yes, it’s free!

🤿 Tell us your motivation—and prepare for the deep dive!

⏱️ We set off in March 2021

Apply and be part of our ride-hailing accelerator!

What to expect?

The ride-hailing accelerator’s program is packed with insights and info you can act upon. It includes a two-week educational camp and a one-month pilot. Here’s what’s in.

💪Test MVP & learn all things product

How to build a viable, ready-to-scale ride-hailing product and prepare for a business launch?

How to learn from the mistakes of ride-hailing giants?

What are the most common ride-hailing startup problems?

How to make your business flexible and crisis-resistant?

💪Market & scale

How to start small and grow a great ride-hailing business?

How to reinvest wisely?

How to bring your ride-hailing startup to new markets?

Where to get loyal customers?

💪Develop leadership

How to hire and manage a perfect team?

What to outsource, and what to keep in your own hands?

How to establish strong business partnerships?

💪Attract investments

How to find investors for your business?

What do investors want to see in the deck?

How to deliver a perfect pitch?

Why accelerate your ride-hailing business with Onde?

At Onde, we’ve got great expertise in launching viable ride-hailing startups gained in 10+ years working with 200+ business partners around the globe. We know every little thing about the ride-hailing business launch: product development, software, marketing, app store optimization, funding, and much more.

We don’t do it alone. Around Onde, there’s a vivid community of ride-hailing entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and investors. Use your chance to become part of it!

Let’s do it! 💪

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