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  • 8 insights from the founder of Kaiian - one of the top ride-hailing companies in Saudi Arabia

8 insights from the founder of Kaiian - one of the top ride-hailing companies in Saudi Arabia

Kaiian, a ride-hailing company in Saudi Arabia, started with 18 drivers. Now they are one of the top ride-hailing companies in the country. They also offer three brands: Kaiian, Wsslini (women driving women), and Hemam (for special needs individuals). They are soon launching another ride-hailing service.

In an exclusive interview on YouTube that became viral in Saudi Arabia, the founder of Kaiian shares his insights about growing a ride-hailing business. 


We highly recommend watching the whole interview for all ride-hailing and taxi business entrepreneurs and long-time business owners.

However, if you have no time to do so, we gathered the main insights that Bader Alarjan, the founder of Kaiian, Wsslini, and Hemam shares in the interview. 

Entrepreneurial spirit

Bader points out that business owners must have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. It’s something that can be gathered from multiple, often unsuccessful, experiences. You can start with small-scale ventures and then move on to more significant business projects, such as launching a ride-hailing app.


Resourcefulness is what helped the founder of Kaiian find ways to fund his ventures, such as renting cars, securing loans, and navigating financial challenges. Problem-solving skills are crucial when it comes to running a business.

Adaptability and persistence

The journey to success won’t be quick and easy. You need adaptability and persistence to get to the top. For example, Bader explored multiple businesses, such as plastic and other commodities, before arriving at the ride-hailing industry. All this time he was adjusting strategies and persisting through setbacks.

Innovation and market understanding

You need to understand the local market deeply, but you also need to understand innovation. Developing a ride-hailing app tailored to meet local needs is the key. It’s also better to focus on small towns before competing in larger cities - this is strategic market positioning.

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Challenges and risks

Entrepreneurship is full of challenges and risks. You’ll have financial risks, market competition, and the complexities of managing a business. The nature of business ventures is often unpredictable, and you need to be prepared.

Community and social impact

Kaiian has a notable community and social impact, providing employment opportunities and services tailored to local needs. Ride-hailing businesses can be truly valuable and have an impact that is bigger than personal gain.

Learning and growth

Living as a business owner means constant personal and professional growth. This learning mindset is crucial for navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship.

Support systems

The importance of support systems, including family, friends, and professional networks, is critical to the ability to pursue and sustain entrepreneurial endeavors. No matter what you believe in, you can’t do it alone.

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