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10 tips on how to start your own taxi business

Rome wasn’t built in a day... So shouldn’t your business. Onde team gives you 10 things you should keep in mind when starting your own ride-hailing company.

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Have a plan

Conduct detailed market research. Work out a business plan. It will help you to understand what exactly you should do; which growth opportunities you have; wha planned revenue is realistic; when the company will start bringing profit.


Know your customer

Who is it? An early adopter, a top manager, a parent travelling with kids? Knowing your customer helps you with your marketing strategy. Also, it makes clear which vehicles are needed (if it should be premium-class cars or standard ones with child seats), how to train drivers, and much more.


Define your positioning strategy

Develop your strategy taking into account your customer’s portrait and the market research. Remember: everyone loves personal approach! And to get more clients it’s essential to stand out from competitors. 


Try to build a taxi network

It’s much cheaper and easier to start with an Internet company providing innovative mobility solution instead of concentrating on fleet owning as they did back in time.


Find the right software solution

Something easy-to-use, with all the features needed. Just like Onde provides 😎



You want as many potential customers as possible to learn about your company, right? Then tool up with a well-developed marketing strategy! Also, invest in marketing — proportionally to the business objectives. Provide your target audience with an appealing, unique value proposition.


Learn from competitors

Know what competitors do — and do it better. Sometimes it’s enough to just learn from the mistakes others made. Sometimes, you can enrich a common successful approach with fresh ideas. But take care to never copy particular campaigns. Always add your own touch.


Use referral programs

Give your clients a possibility to share the good of your services. Reward your loyal customers with discount coupons or free rides for attracting new clients. That’s the whole point of referral programs


Find business partners

Build a partner network with hotels, airports and restaurants. It's a win-win situation for everyone. More clients — more money, you know.


Move forward

Starting a business is always a challenge. Even if you go step-by-step and do your best there’s always a chance something can go wrong. Just never stop making your dream come true.

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