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Onde technology

The main purpose of the backend is to process the data and transfer it between different parts of the system (customer & driver apps, Operator app, My hub, etc.). Because users’ devices cannot work with such gigantic amounts of data, the backend “translates” it all — it’s the black box of every system. Our system is not only powerful. It is easy to use and understand.

Backend Libraries

WebSockets protocols

We use WebSockets protocols to build a runtime app, with no-delay updates. With WebSockets protocols, the system is able to create a two-way connection. So that your company can stay connected with the server 24/7 and you can create orders every moment, without any delay.

Protocol buffers by Google are an extensible mechanism for serializing structured data in the most efficient way. We use it to write and read data to and from a variety of data streams. With Protocol Buffers, we have a fast and sound way to transfer data between the elements of the Onde system. The combination of WebSockets Protocol and Protocol Buffers allows Onde to use much less traffic — so that our apps, Operator app and My hub work swiftly with different speeds of internet connection.

RxJava 2

We use RXJava 2 to make our server asynchronous and multi-threaded — in regular language, this means our server handles thousands of orders per minute, simultaneously and without losing any precious information.

Unlike other booking software, the Onde system does not work “one order at a time”. It works non-stop and processes thousands of different requests at once. Fast? Yes! Effective? Sure!

Cloud Components

Database (Cassandra)

Apache Cassandra is the leading distributed (NoSQL) database, born on Facebook and built on Amazon’s Dynamo and Google’s BigTable. Google, eBay, Facebook, Oracle, Cisco, and many other multinationals use it. Why?

Apache Cassandra meets the world’s most demanding scalability and availability requirements. It is perfect for managing very large amounts of structured data replicated and spread out across many commodity servers while providing a highly available service. Without a single point of failure.

— Best performance in class
— Elastic scalability
— Always-on architecture
— Fast linear-scale performance
— High fault tolerance
— Data replication

Server apps

Thousands of operations per day is not a limit for our server. The trick is, our server apps are easy to scale. Even if your business needs to make 20 times more operations, the system will manage it. We use instances and divide the information loads between them.

Customer, driver, operator, and client are connected to server apps. All the information sent between them is very important — no byte should be lost! So if one instance is not working, the load will be immediately divided between the other ones.


Sometimes a driver and a customer try to cancel an order at the same time. How to safeguard the uniqueness of every operation? We use ZooKeeper to give every operation of every client an unmatched lock to have access to the server operations. Every request stays unique, so there are never double cancellation fees or double payments. ZooKeeper safeguards exclusive access our servers have to the entireties they work with (drivers, wallets, etc.).


To pin and collect routes, Onde works with multiple third-party services — Google Maps, Mapbox, Here maps, and Sygic Maps. We regularly update and add integrations to the system to keep our geolocation services top-notch.

Cross-platform apps creation

Onde’s main purpose is to create apps that work smoothly, always.

That’s why we provide cross-platform app development for iOS, Android and Web (Java, Kotlin, ObjectiveC, Swift, JavaScript). We develop the codebase and then run our apps on any platform.

This is why all our apps have high speed and fewer bugs, the releases are seamless and it’s quick to put our apps to market. Fewer efforts — better results, what can be better for business?

We only rely on the best service providers to make sure our partners can rely on us.


Apache Pulsar is a distributed data delivery system we’ve implemented to make the Onde system swift. It was created at Yahoo and is now a part of the Apache Software Foundation. Pulsar allows us to deliver messages between thousands of users in real-time.

Our applications and servers communicate with each other by sending messages. These messages are stored in the system — to go further and reach the user’s smartphone and inform them, for example, that the driver has arrived. So the speed and scalability of Pulsar are crucial. As a result, the Onde system works 10-15 times faster than before.


Onde software is connected to more than 10 payment gateways. We make sure the existing payment options suit your company. We only integrate reliable payment solutions. This system is secure — the database does not collect or store any card private information while processing payments. To archive it we fully meet a very stringent requirements of PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).