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Taxi dispatch panel for your business

Join the Onde.Light operator panel and taxi booking system. 

Launch your taxi company or optimize an existing business with a free-of-charge dispatch solution. 

Just run the operator panel and earn!

  • Swift order processing with a handy taxi dispatch system
  • Greater control over your business: keep track of earnings, trips made, and more
  • Better communication between drivers and clients
  • Live trip tracking for more insights into where your business is at its best
  • Dispatch directly from a laptop, desktop, or tablet
  • No need to wait for a software development team to tinker on a solution.

Launch any time you want in minutes. Make up to 1,000 trips per month with the free plan.

The Onde.Light free-of-charge taxi booking solution includes:

  • Web taxi booking panel for your clients and business partners, such as restaurants, hotels or business-hubs
  • Possibility to set multiple drop-off points for your clients
  • Easy orders management for your dispatchers: reassign, duplicate, or cancel orders in just a few clicks in the operator panel
  • Business performance analytics for your company to grow
  • The Community for entrepreneurs to share experiences, find a business partner, and learn

Operator panel 

operator app Onde ride-hailing platform

The Onde.Light operator panel is the ultimate solution to streamline your operations.

Provide reliable and efficient services to your customers while maximizing your fleet’s performance. Use the operator panel to:

  • Manage taxi bookings
  • Dispatch orders manually
  • Track trips and drivers
  • Manage emergency situations
  • Manage drivers

Take your taxi business to the next level with this easy-to-use operator panel. And the best thing: no strings attached!

Passenger booking panel

operator panel

Transform your business with Onde.Light taxi booking panel.

  • Expand your client base
  • Boost the number of orders
  • Elevate customer satisfaction
  • Reduce operational costs

Get your business running with free taxi booking solution!

My Hub

my hub admin panel ride-hailing

This all-in-one collaborative admin panel stores your drivers’ and customers’ data. It also provides your business with every feature you expect in state-of-art project management platforms.

Manage your taxi business easily—without the headache of hiring a software development team.

  • Driver app
  • Web booking panel for your passengers 
  • Business analytics and reports to grow your business
  • Perfect overview and control of your taxi business activities

Success starts with Onde.Light: everything you need for building a taxi business.

The one and only free taxi platform

  • For everyone with unlimited access to the solution.
  • The first 1.000 trips per month are free of charge, everything more than that with a commission of 1.9%.
  • No strings attached. No risks. No need to wait.

Start working with Onde.Light today!