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What is Onde Race? 🤔

Ride-hailing business booster. Basically, we just help your dreams come true


Start your business with Onde

Onde is looking for talented entrepreneurs with a strategic vision.  
Take part in the contest and win Onde white-label apps to start your own ride-hailing business! 🏆

So what are the prizes?

We've got something special for you 😉


1st place

Our Premium service:

- Individual account with Onde platform

- 4 branded apps development

- App Store Optimization

- Facebook SDK Analytics

- Marketing campaign to get first installs


2nd Place

$5,000 for a marketing campaign from Onde Growth team

- With any platform (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Ads)

- Get your first clients with Onde

*You have to start your ride-hailing business with Onde to get this prize


3rd Place

50% discount on any WL plan for Onde platform

What should you do?

Nothing impossible. Just be ready to conquer the world


6 easy steps

1. Create a business plan for your future company along with a short video (5-10 minutes) presenting the concept and the strategy of your new ride-hailing business. How you will start, how you will develop and grow it.

2. Send your video together with the business plan to contest@onde.app in the period April 15 to July 15.

3. Win.

4. Start your business with Onde till December 31, 2020.

5. Create a video about your win.

6. Be ready to give an interview to any media source.

P.S. You can also send your questions about the contest to contest@onde.app.

July 23rd - announcing winners!

Win the Race and let’s launch your ride-hailing business together! 😎