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Onde.Light - a risk-free taxi platform for new businesses

Going all in with your brand new taxi business? Slow down. Investing straight away may cost you everything.

Amir always dreamed of starting a taxi company. As a former taxi driver, he had plenty of ideas for how to improve management, attract taxi drivers, and win over competition in his city. When he finally gathered the funds, he invested them immediately into a brand-new taxi platform. Unfortunately, while great in theory, his business model just didn’t work. After the first trial and error, Amir was out of budget. He had a platform, but no drivers, customers, or money to invest in a different business model. He had to close down the company and is now saving up again to start from the beginning. He lost $8,000.

John owns a small taxi company that still works via a call center. He wants to switch to an app-based service, but he isn’t sure how to manage a ride-hailing business, and he is afraid to make mistakes and lose a lot of money. He knows nothing about IT platforms and is scared to spend all his money on the wrong platform. At the same time, John keeps losing customers because most of his competitors are switching to an app-based service, which has proven to be more convenient for the customers. John’s business is slowly, but surely, declining. He has already lost $ 23,000, and it’s getting worse every month.

Omar is a taxi driver with plenty of experience and connections in the taxi business. All he needs to start a successful cab company is investors. Unfortunately, potential investors don’t believe in him: they have zero understanding of taxi businesses, and can’t appreciate Omar’s outstanding business strategy, PR, and marketing ideas. Omar has lost tons of time drafting business proposals, talking to people, and trying to prove his point. If only he could just show them what he can do.

There is a solution. Try Onde.Light: it’s 100% risk-free

Onde.Light is a unique solution that offers:

  • 1000 trips for free. Pay 1.9% commission per trip up to 10,000 trips/month
  • 1 free company in any location.
  • Number of drivers and passengers unlimited
  • All Internet-based solutions you need to start a taxi company
  • Dispatch software to take phone orders and combine them with Internet orders
  • Driver & Passenger Apps for Android and IOS
  • Community: a built-in forum for sharing information and learning from other business owners.

With Onde.Light you can:

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