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Build your light
& bright future in ride‑hailing

No risk. In no time. No payments.

Each large company starts with baby steps.
Onde.Light is a great way to start your ride‑hailing business.

No risk. In no time. No payments.

Each large company starts with baby steps.
Onde.Light is a great way to start your ride‑hailing business.

Smart start

Smart start

We know establishing a company is hard. It’s risky, expensive, and takes lots of time and effort. Our solution will simplify your start. It is easy to use, easy to launch, and risk-free. Onde.Light is here for your bright ride‑hailing future.

What is Onde.Light?

Onde.Light is a set of tools for launching flawless ride‑hailing services. It gives your business online orders without the need to install applications. Onde.Light is risk-free for you: you don’t need to pay for it. You can just start building your company. Yes, we mean it. Sign up and go.

What do you get with Onde.Light?

Branded web solution

Your customers can make orders through a simple web application available in browsers (mobile and desktop). This solution works great for everyone: a quick start for you, an easy process for users.

Branded web solution
Driver app

Driver app

An iOS and Android mobile application for drivers to stay connected anywhere, anytime, and accept orders. Automated driver billing and intelligent algorithm to assign orders will make your life easier.


An IOS and Android passenger application for you to scale the business by attracting new passengers. Make your business more appealing to customers. Give them a swift way to book your rides. Including preorders and smart queue. Branded by Onde.

My hub

My hub

Manage your newborn business with Myhub: drivers, orders, rates, reports, and more. Just everything you need for back-office operations in one solution. And it’s a great tool to track performance!

Operator app

Do your customers order a taxi via phone? No problem, we’ve got your back! Take phone orders with the Operator app. It’s efficient, easy to use, and allows you to keep all the order information.

Operator app


Have any questions or need to share your feedback? Go to Community—a platform for sharing information with others. Ask and answer questions, do networking, find partners, look for use cases, and more.

Grow with Onde.Light

Pay when your business is strong enough

Grow with Onde.Light

1000 trips for free

Pay 1.9% commission per trip up to 10,000 trips/month

1 company

1 company

For operating in any city you choose

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Still in doubt?

It’s free! So all you risk is getting more experience.

Still in doubt?
  • Use your
    own brand

  • Test your
    business model

  • Be

  • Show traction to investors

  • Use in small, medium and big cities

  • Scale it with QR codes

  • Work with partners among restaurants and hotels

Answers to all questions

Still have questions?

Ask the community
  • You can make up to 1.000 trips per month for free. You’ve read that right: the first 1.000 trips are free of charge. There are no hidden costs, no additional retainers.

    When—and only if—your business grows beyond making 1.000 trips per month, you’ll start paying the 1,9% commission per trip. That’s exactly what makes Onde.Light a cost-effective solution for new businesses and taxi companies that want to innovate on a budget.

  • Simply hit that ‘Launch Onde.Light’ button and sign up with your email!

    You’ll get an email with a log-in link. Click on it and get instant access to all Onde.Light products.

  • Onde.Light is designed for entrepreneurs who need a quick, cost-effective, risk-free start. It’s ideal for a new taxi company or delivery business—but it’ll be a great fit for an existing taxi business that wants to innovate the operations

    Onde.Light solution can help you get a good financial track record for your young business. It also allows you to work together with other parties, such as hotels and restaurants.

    More than 3.000 young taxi businesses all over the world have employed Onde.Light to launch.

  • You can work with Onde.Light anywhere in the world, so it’s any city you choose. The system supports 50+ languages, and we regularly add new ones.

  • Onde.Light is not a taxi services provider and does not hire drivers.

    Onde.Light is a perfect way to start a taxi business if you have experience as a driver. Because the system is free, you can launch your own taxi company at minimal cost. Besides, your chances of launching a successful business are higher thanks to all your experience as a driver.

    The Onde.Light solution can enable you to start with minimal investment and reinvest all their profits into growth.

  • Establishing a company isn’t easy. We at Onde know that after working many years with the pioneers of better mobility around the world. Launching a business is risky; it’s expensive and takes lots of energy.

    So we’ve designed Onde.Light for those who’re eager to start on a budget. Enjoy a cutting-edge system now; pay only when your business is ready for it. The solution is easy to use, easy to launch, and risk-free. Because every entrepreneur deserves a good start.

Quick and risk-free start or an advanced solution?

In both cases, we've got you covered! Compare Onde.Light and Onde, and choose a ride-hailing platform that fits your needs best.