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Free Dispatch Software

Get your Dispatch system for taxi companies


Increase productivity and boost profits

Onde.Light dispatch software is made for taxi owners who want to optimize operations and attract more customers. With the dispatch software you can:
- Maximize the number of orders per unit of time
- Protect your data
- Reveal insights into your operations
- Measure driver performance

Discover new features

Set up dispatch software at no cost

Now you don't have to worry about losing money on an expensive taxi platform or wasting time waiting for app development. 
Start building your way in e-hailing together with Onde.Light risk-free solution.

- 1000 free bookings per month

- No setup cost

- No contracts

- No limits for drivers and dispatchers

- 1 free company in any location

-  For rides above 1000 per month - 1,9% commission

Take control of your business

Start earning more. Dispatch right away without investing in a custom-made app.

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