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Dispatch panel for your taxi business

Start using the Onde.Light operator panel and taxi booking system

Operator panel

The Onde.Light operator panel is the ultimate solution to streamline your operations. Provide reliable and efficient services to your customers while maximizing your fleet’s performance. 


Use the operator panel to:

  • Manage taxi bookings
  • Dispatch orders manually
  • Track trips and drivers
  • Manage emergency situations
  • Manage drivers

My Hub

This all-in-one collaborative admin panel provides your business with every feature of state-of-art project management platforms.


  • Manage your taxi business easily—without the headache of hiring a software development team
  • Driver app
  • Web app for taxi booking accessible to individual and corporate customers
  • Business analytics and elaborate reports to grow your business
  • Perfect overview and control of your taxi business activities

Your time is money

 Save it by automating the order processing!

Try Onde.Light for free

Enhance your taxi business with Onde.Light innovative platform

Onde.Light is a unique solution that offers:

  • 1000 trips for free. Pay 1.9% commission per trip up to 10,000 trips/month
  • 1 free company in any location.
  • Number of drivers and passengers unlimited
  • All Internet-based solutions you need to start a taxi company
  • You can use the Onde.Light solution for boda and any other land modes of transportation.
  • Community: a built-in forum for sharing information and learning from other business owners.

Your taxi business, your journey – Onde.Light, your route to success

Everything you need to build a taxi business


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