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18 Jul

Food Delivery or Ride-Hailing: Which Should Be Launched First in The Super App Package?

Thursday, July 18th 11.00 UTC

Join our live podcast recording, "Food delivery or ride-hailing: Which Should Be Launched First in the Super App Package?"

Meet the participants:
Vera Kozlova – Key Partners Manager Playfood
Lizaveta Pischala – Account Manager Onde
And special guest – operating Super App Partner

The host and moderator:
Liza Shvyndikova – Onde

Together they will share their unique insights and professional experiences, providing a comprehensive understanding of the benefits, challenges and operational intricacies of both services. Listeners will gain valuable knowledge and practical business takeaways from industry leaders and a real-life representative of an operating Super App.


  • Vera Kozlova Key Partners Manager Playfood

    Vera is the Key Partners Manager at Playfood. With over 10 years’ experience in general business, she has helped 27 companies successfully launch their food delivery services in 18 countries around the world over the last two years at Playfood. Vera can help with any business issue, from calculating unit economics to solving operational problems. Vera believes that with a stable software partner and quality business support, every startup has the potential to build a successful Super App business.

  • Lizaveta Pischala Account Manager Onde

    Account manager at Onde. 5 years of boosting partners’ growth with the help of marketing tools, data-driven decisions, and root cause detection. Financial special forces: 6 years of auditing at Deloitte and financial analysis experience.

  • Special Guest Super App Partner

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