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Frontend developer (Food Delivery)

Make it happen!


B2B product with 200+ business partners in 75 countries.

A team of 70+ bright-minded professionals eager to challenge everything you know.

Office or no office.

Two pettable cats. 

Does that sound like a dream place to you? Read up, buddy!

We help ambitious entrepreneurs to start a ride-hailing (taxi) or other on-demand (you get it, right,  on-demand? 😉) services. Our white-label solution and marketing assistance is what we provide our business partners with.

Now, on the basis of our current platform, which is used worldwide by our clients, we are developing a new service type - Food Delivery

That's why we are on the look-out for a Frontend developer to join the Delivery team.

You should be able to:

The scope of work will include:

Our benefits:

We look forward to hearing from you. Send your CV to