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Onde is developing a technically supreme platform for on-demand solutions. We are building ride-hailing, taxi, booking, and healthcare apps. Onde team focuses on local businesses in emerging markets like Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We already have 200+ clients in 75 countries around the globe. Our team has been focusing a lot on providing a top level service to our customers.

We believe that helping our customers succeed is the mission of our company and the ultimate task for our platform and apps.

As an Account manager you will be responsible for success and growth of our business customers around the globe. You will be analyzing businesses, numbers and goals, helping companies to use the platform functionality and best market practices to grow.

Our company operates in more than 70 countries around the world, which gives a rare opportunity to be involved in and learn about international business relations



- Your background can vary, however here are some qualities that we will be basing our evaluation on:

- You are fluent in Spanish 

- You have experience of correspondence with international clients

- You are good with people and get a thing or two about psychology of communication

- You can analyse a large amount of data and propose an action plan

- You like learning new things and exploring new cultures


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